Expert advice

This list provides a great summary of all the needs we meet for our clients!

We are an independent, privately owned firm providing high quality benefit management and consulting services.

Not all firms are the same.  We strive to exceed all expectations.

Here are just a few reasons to choose Alabama Administrators.

Outstanding communication
Management by objectives
Fast! Results in record time
Long-term program stability
Specialized skills and professionalism
Providing best value per benefit dollar

We understand you

We understand the concerns of clients, the needs and desires of employees, and the interests of the benefits administrator. We can provide assistance and solutions to improve benefit cost, simplify benefit delivery, and enhance reporting procedures.

Client retention is long-term

Many of our clients have been with Alabama Administrators more than 25 years and our former clients hire us for special projects again and again. Proof of client satisfaction!

Quality control is paramount

Our benefit plans are under constant review to ensure quality control, to ensure the objectives of the client are met, individual needs of participants are met, and to consider improvements in benefits delivery.

No billing surprises

Alabama Administrators charges a flat monthly fee for all services which are detailed in our contract. Charges, if any, for special projects are negotiated in advance. There is no surprise billing from us.

Reports & recommendations

As benefit consultant, we can assist the administrator in all phases of administration. We, as a third-party administrator, are very well aware of the administrative systems required to benefit the participants. We also provide reports and recommendations in writing, in advance of the deadlines, and in an acceptable format.

Building custom programs for you

As benefit administrator, we can design custom programs for the client and actuary as well as providing valuable communication programs for the participants. We understand that the data must be accurate and available to the client for communication to participants.

Communication is the key to engagement

We believe in thorough communication between the plan and its participants. As part of our consulting services, we design and send regular newsletters advising participants of the status of the plan, and plan changes, and how to get the most out of the available benefits.

Providing you with invaluable white papers

Because we believe clients must be well-informed to make informed decisions, we prepare "white paper" reports on issues of interest, the impact of new regulations and legal decisions, new ideas in the delivery of benefits, and on any proposed benefits changes.

we love our customers!