Why clients hire us

Our only business is the administration of and consulting for employee benefit plans and our recommendations are based solely on the best interests of the client and the program and its participants. Our objective is to produce the most creative and efficient benefit plans.

Alabama Administrators understands your concerns

Clients face increasingly complicated issues in their attempt to provide benefit programs for their employees.  Health plans, already under severe financial pressure, will continue to experience dramatic increases in cost.  This is attributable to the high rate of inflation in health care, greater utilization of health services, expensive technological advances, cost-shifting by providers of health services, and most importantly health care reform.

In addition, the Department of Labor and Department of Health and Human Services are increasingly active in the enforcement of regulations governing benefit plans.

These issues require that clients develop more creative ways of structuring and delivering benefits, establishing reserves and anticipating costs, paying greater attention to the concerns of participants and beneficiaries, and to the long-term economic impact these decisions will have on future beneficiaries.

Alabama Administrators provides solid solutions

It is our philosophy that benefit programs must be reviewed continuously.  Objectives must be set and met if the program is not to become a burden to the client, the administrator, and the participants.  Through management by objectives, a program can meet its budgetary requirements, maintain favorable benefit levels, and achieve a high level of participant satisfaction.

Continuous review of your program based on the specific budget requirements of your plan and the needs of plan  participants can produce a program that is stable over a long period of time.

Providing plan stability assists the client and administrator with future planning and budgeting and provides your employees with a sound and dependable program.

We have the knowledge necessary to provide you with viable solutions to plan problems.  We are well-versed in all aspects of benefit plans.

Our professionalism and specialized skills, comprehensive knowledge of health and pension innovations, and the laws governing benefit plans, assures you of receiving the best value for your benefit dollar.

dependability you can trust!